Great Gatsby Soundtrack Sneak Peek: The XX and Lana Del Rey


I’m sure that you’ve heard of the upcoming monstrosity of excess and aesthetic wonder that is the updated Great Gatsby film. Weather the acting will be as fabulous as the costumers,direction, and music remains to be seen. Until that time (the movie comes out May 10) we can listen to some of the musical gems from the soundtrack.

With a Florence and the Machine song inspired by the famed green light from the movie, and Beyonce and Andre 3000 teaming up for a dubsteppy update of Back to Black by Amy Whinehouse, the soundtrack is sure to rule even if the movie doesn’t rise to the massive level of hype surrounding it.

Several songs have already been released  including a new song by Lana Del Rey called Young and Beautiful. This song is right in Del Rey’s sweet spot, a sweeping ballad with majestic horns and bells climaxing with a string orchestra as she sings about her desire to be loved even when her beauty fades. The songs emotional intensity keeps rising, until it would be cheesy if the production wasn’t so perfectly constructed. Like the best of Lana Del Rey’s songs it sounds sentimental without being overly saccharine.

The XX also have a song on the album, which also falls right in line with the bands previous work. With a stark synth pulse going throughout the song, the tension in this song is palpable, even while Oliver Sim and Romy Madley-Croft croon how they’ll be together. The song is more grand in scope then the XX’s previous work, featuring a swelling orchestra that sounds similar to Del Rey’s.

Sample the whole Ablum in the video below. Besides the artists I’ve previously mentioned it also features Jay-Z,, and Fergie. This jazzy soundtrack is available May 7th.


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