Bassnectar: Electric Freestyle

Oh yeah, my friend casually interviewed Bassnectar for her second blog post. Whatever.



When Lorin Ashton entered college, he wanted to teach U.S. history and be a guidance counselor. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to make a larger impact on the world than he could in an office setting. He never intended to be a professional musician, but he met Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, who asked him to help produce a new record. Then things exploded, and he played Madonna’s birthday party in Los Angeles.

Ashton, 35, now is the force called Bassnectar. Ashton released his first album, “Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks,” in 2001 and now is one of the most-respected electronic dance musicians in America.

I sat down with Ashton in late September to talk about his latest EP, “Freestyle.”

Listen to it here:

Tell me about the EP you’re working on.

I was working on it last winter as well when I put out “Vava Voom.” I could…

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