I first heard about Anamanaguchi in 2008, when I was googling everything I can about Scott Pilgram vs The World. The chip-tune band had done the soundtrack for the side scrolling video game based on the movie, and the music press was eating it up. Why would they be interested in the soundtrack of a video game that is essentially instrumental  8-bit punk songs? Because Anamanaguchi has something.  While some may dismiss their SNES-era sound as a gimmick,  and they may be right. But I find their songs a euphoric soundtrack  to write  a paper or clean up a room (both painfully boring tasks that are better if you pretend you’re inside a video game). Plus, they show a real talent for visuals, packing their video for Meow with enough 90’s, anime, and tumblr references to entertain for days.

The band, based out of New York, has been touring and maintaining and internet presence for years. Now they’ve turned a corner releasing a new video for “Meow”,  an album “Endless Fantasy”, and an epic kickstarter campaign. Surprisingly, “Endless Fantasy” see’s the band outgrowing both their punky song structures and no vocalists policy. The result is their new release flirting with J-pop (“Japan Air”)  and even Owl City-style top forty (“Prom Night”).The band isn’t shy about their top forty leanings, posting a mix of Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus covers on their soundcloud. Endless fantasy also shows they’ve been paying attention to edm trends as well. “Viridian Genises” has a hiccuping vocal sample you might normally find in a Dillion Francis single. Mostly their act remains a high octane mix of chip-tune and pop punk, a combination I’m looking forward to seeing on their summer tour. Get excited for when they come to your town by getting Endless Fantasy  here.


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