Yeezus is risen: Kanye West’s most challanging album to date


Praise Yeezus. Kanye is laying down some serious truth with this new album. As his snl performances foretold, Yeezus is a Molotov Cocktail of the  menacing simplicity of Zebra Katz, the abrasive aggression of Death Gripes, and the horror-core screams of Tyler the Creator.  Kanye veers wildly from rapping about croissants to blasting the institutionalized racism of the american prison system. Academics, Afro Punks, and music critics may eat it up, and the brilliantly concocted media campaign (the Kardashian’s Scott Disick stars in an  American Psyco referencing album trailer) may lead to it selling well, but Kanye may in fact be the second coming of Jesus if he manages to wrest a radio single from this album. Download it anyway. For more in-depth analyzing, check out Pitchfork’s and the New York Times reviews.


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