The Pixies gave us an unexpected summer treat yesterday when they released a new  track “Bag Boy”, their first in nine years.  It has all the classic Pixies motifs: non nonsensical lyric’s from lead screamer Frank Black, raw power delivered in a two-note rif, and a crunchy chorus with sugary voice dolloped on top. These vocals don’t come from longtime bassist and Breeders frontwoman Kim Deal, who left the band earlier this month. Instead, Jeremy Dubs played bass, and Joey Santiago, David Lovering, and Dubs did the backing vocals. Lets hope they go on tour soon. Watch the accompanying video above,  and download the track here.

UPDATE:  The Pixies have announced a European tour (which is meh) but their dubbing it a world tour, which means (hopefully?) that a us leg is coming. Kim Deal is still out, but the Pixies have found her replacement in bassist/singer Kim Shattuck from the Muffs. If  that name doesn’t ring a bell, they were the ones who had the most successful revamp of the song Kids in America. Still stumped? Maybe this Clueless clip will ring a bell. Kim’s voice isn’t as sweet and light as Kim Deal, so it’ll be interesting to see how her vocals work live. If your in Europe check out the dates. Predictably they’re selling out.


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