I Know the Meaning Behind Lady Gaga’s New Video Applause. Kinda.

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It’s been a big comeback week for Lady Gaga. The chorus of her single proved to be jam packed with enough hooks to make up for the lackluster verses, and now she’s premiering her new video.

It’s totally ridiculous. What a surprise.

The partly black and white clip has lady gaga exploding out of a hat, rocking a heroin-chic look on a mattress, writhing in a cage, and even appearing as a goose-head. It’s all interspersed with Gaga walking various runways and performing with backup dances, to highlight her need for applause . While the barrage of images may seem random at times, together they form a narrative of seeking out fame and attention.

Lady Gaga appears in a cage while singing  “I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong, to crash the critics saying is it right or is it wrong”, illustrating the idea that her fans acclaim will release her from critics expectations.  When Lady Gaga follows that verses with the line “if only fame had an iv baby could I bear to be away from you, I found the vein and stuck it here” she then appears as the heroin-junkie-dancer tapping her arm on the dirty mattress.  The unicorn tale comes right as the song hits its peak, meaning that only during the height of her fame (her fan’s applause) that she can become something more then human.  Fame can make you a legend, as Marilyn Monroe can attest to.

What the meaning is when Gaga appears as a mermaid with legs I have no idea. I only know that the light hands are similar to some Ursula has in  the scene in The Little Mermaid where she turns Ariel into a human (x), so possibly it’s a reference to that? or maybe it’s this painting?  and who knows what Lady Gaga as a goose means. Maybe she just wanted too top the motorcycle picture.

I’m sure there’s some deep meaning about fame and art inherent in her being a bird that she will explain in a interview soon.  Until then, watch the video above.  Lady Gaga’s next album Artpop is out November 11, and she’s performing at the MTV Music Video Awards August 25.


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