Janelle Monae Prooves that she’s the new Q.U.E.E.N. on New Album The Electric Lady


Janelle Monae is releasing her second full length album this month.  The neo-soul singer has already released her lead single, and now the whole album can  be streamed on vh1. Like most of Monae’s work, it has a cinematic scale with radio station styled interludes and subtle messages of black power. Don’t let the high concept scare you away: this another record from 2013 that sounds older than the 25 year old making it. Monae is a straight up soul singer, and her songs blend together for an experience that recalls a futuristic 1960’s.  “Dance Apocalyptic” is my personal fave, a song that rivals “Tightrope” in its cheery rhythms and playful chants of “slam slam, bang bang, don’t stop, cha-lang-a-lang-a-lang.” Janelle reportedly took the album to strip clubs to test it’s danceability, but The Electric Lady goes in many places besides sock hop jams. If you want more info and the fabulous Monae, check out her extensive cover story on pitchfork, a virtual take on a traditional magazine spread, with moving gifs instead of photos.  The album comes out Sep 10th. Check out the video for “Dance Apocalyptic”.


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