♡ Kitty takes a dark turn on Hittin Lix♡

When Kitty (then known as Kitty Pryde) burst on to the internet rap scene with her hazy Pop the Glock update Ok Cupid, her aesthetic and brand were instantly clear. Girlish giggles, a long shot of a Justin Bieber record, and title font reminiscent of the virgin suicides opening, cast 19 year old Kathryn Beckwith as the rapper representing the epitome of indie-tumblr-girl culture. The self described “rap-game taylor swift”  had a tumblr whose background glittered pink and featured my little pony’s frolicking around. In her first interview, she goes into a airbrushed t-shirt stand and exclaims “I wan’t the most pink thing”.  Her dark lines such as “I love NY cuase there’s so many bridges to jump off” were camouflaged in videos full of flower crowns and sparkly chandeliers.

On Hittin Lixx. Kitty puts these dark undertones front and center. The video has Kitty and her friends breaking into a warehouse and mixes glitter in with broken glass, Kitty raps lines like “the devil made me do it” in smeared makeup while sporting a bloody nose in what appears to be a candle-lit cave.  It’s creepy and captivating, with its  cavernous codine-clogged production making it “getting blazed in a parked car tunage” ( quote by the highlarous @annagurry). The song is lyrically Kitty’s darkest as well, supposedly mining Kitty’s crush on Odd Future rapper Tyler the Creator and how willing Kitty is to break the law to impress him.  Internal rhyme lidded rhymes like “When really I’ve been craving for days to misbehave with you” will impress any hip-hop head even if they find the production off-putting.  Hiittin Lix is from Kittys ep Daisy Rage. Look for her full length album Flower Violence sometime this winter. Follow her tumblr and twitter for more info. She also just started an amusingly authentic newsletter, which you can subscribe to on her official website.


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