White Gay MC Chapman finds his form on AMP’D


TBH at first I viewed Chapman’s music as a bit of a joke. I’d been a fan of his internet presence thru his tweets and pieces for Interview, but apart from his song “Boyz” with Chippy Nonstop, his videos and songs seemed laughably posed. The awkwardness of his early stage presence and delivery will forever live on in this video. Yikes. You can see why I wrote him off as simply another white dude trying to cash in on rap music.

But his friends in the likes of Junglepussy, Kitty Pryde, and the aforementioned Chippy Nonstop made me keep an eye on him over the past 6 months. Now, he’s finally released something that justifies his prominence in the underground Bushwick art rap scene.

AMP’D features inventive production form Saint, and Chapman’s best rhymes yet. Standout track is defiantly “Finish Him,” a Mortal Combat and Kelis-sampling trap song that has Chapman rhyming about getting dudes off. It’s a song that does what artists like Le1f, Cakes Da Killa, and Mykki Blanco are also doing: interjecting the heteronormative world of hip-hop with a legitimate gay voice, not Macklemore posturing.

This is an entirely a turnt affair, with Chapman spitting lines like “If you’re not dancing then what are you about?” that SPEAKS to me as a concert/club goer. “Exquisite” has great hyphy-styled beat and some Autotune crooning that manages to avoid being cheesy.

Short but sweet, the entire EP is available as a free download via Chapman’s soundcloud. You can stream the whole thing below.


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