HAIM’s not trying to turn you on in their new video


This is a good thing. Fuck the straight male gaze.

Toby Vail once said “girls+guitars=sex+power” and that statement pretty much describes why girl bands are so important. They break the male dominated sphere of “rock music”, and it’s always exciting to see one break through. While the underground has had indie girl bands like Vivian Girls, Bleached, and Dum Dum Girls, kicking around the underground for a while, they haven’t had the same impact as Haim, the all-sister band from LA that is having a huge year.

Watching their new vid for “If I Could Change Your Mind” it’s clear to see why the Haim sisters have made it. Their music sounds fresh, yet invokes alot of 70’s rock vibes. The sister’s have soul, thanks to emotional subject matter and heartfelt harmonies.  I doesn’t hurt that the sisters are all pretty in a western white way, and are unafraid to break out in choreographed girl group dances as well as jam out.  Thankfully, the video makes it clear that the sisters are a band,  with the first shot focusing on the sisters in front of their respective instruments.

Even when they start dancing, the group doesn’t sell out. Their dancing manages to be fun without pandering to the  straight male gaze.The camera shots stay waist up, occasionally moving into wide shots. This successfully allows them to dance without forcing the viewer to oogle their body parts. Not that there’s anything wrong with shaking your ass at the camera, or selling sex, but it’s nice to see a change of pace every once and a while. It shouldn’t be the only option for female performers.

Basically Haim rules. I’ll just be in my room attempting to harmonize with myself.


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