“Welcome to Banji Burger, can I take your order”  Le1f asks in the first verse of his song “Boom” , and the video brings the concept to life. This single from his EP Hey was already one of his most conventional singles, and the video follows suit.  It takes place a diner in new jersey (that’s what buzzfeed says) and has Le1f sullenly slinging burgers before going out on the town. It features a lot of weed smoking, some #lavish woman in a FAB fur jacket, and Le1f doing a sick shoulder shimmy behind the counter.

The video is defiantly Le1f at his most banji, a word that is basically the gay term for “ghetto” or “ratchet”. Le1f has talked about the terms origins in this interview  (around 3:04) and the term was also popularized by the Missy Elliot protegee Sharaya J.

Don’t be dismayed and think that Le1f has sold out, no longer rocking flamboyant visuals to appeal to the larger hetero public. There might be that layer to it, but his masculine appearance is not a homage to the down low men who the term Banji was created for, but instead a bold stance that Le1f’s sexuality is something that isn’t connected to how “flamboyant” his dress it. Not to say he’s not serving a look: his fashion is still on point in a way that some would define as “pecocking” but the retro setting as well as the styling highlights how homoerotic the masculine performance of gender is at it’s core.

I personally can’t decide if my fave moment is the close up of Le1f shaking his ass in baggy pants, the car rave scene,  or Le1f playfully pressing his nose to the window of the diner. Whatever, I have exams that determine weather or not I graduate starting tomorrow, so DON’T ASK ME HOW I’VE BEEN CAUSE THE ANSWER IS RELENTLESSy studying and stressing out.

Sam B. Jones directed the video. Watch it above. Duh.



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