Kitty made a song for the thirsty in all of us

 Kitty from JUKE magazine.  click through for the source.

Kitty from JUKE magazine. click through for the source.

So a week ago Kitty released a new song via Noisey, a pop-R&B jam in the vein of Cassie about the joy(?) of being repeatedly given the cold shoulder. It’s perfect song for dancing alone in your room after a night of turning up when no one messages you back on grindr/tindr. No I don’t have personal experience with this.

Kitty’s mostly known as a rapper, but this wasn’t a total surprise: her last two releases had sung choruses. Still, it’s worth comparing the difference between the smooth coos on “brush me off” and the off-key Frank Ocean imitation on on Ok Cupid. Back then her singing voice was a punch line, now it’s a syrupy Aliyah-styled sedative. She sa This rapper/singer Sad Andy is also on the track, and idk much about him except for he’s funny on twitter and Noisey thinks he’s hot shit.

The song works mostly because it sticks to Kitty’s favorite subject matter: how lame she is. Self-loathing: something we can all relate to. When she sings lines like ” calling you at 3 am, 3:14, 3:26, 3:39, 3:45, 4:14, and you still screen” it’s both insanely singable and gets you RIGHT IN THE GUTS. The glitchy production is also a big plus, and if you wan’t more if it keep your eye on this guy. He has a mixtape called Max LeRoy, but I’m more pumped about Kitty’s full length Flower Violence. Neither of these have release dates, but they’ll probably be our before Azealia Bank’s album.

Check out my other posts about Kitty, and stream the song below.





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