The Sad Gay Guide to the new Skrillex Album

Official album artwork via Sound is Style. Please don't sue me Skrillex.

Official album artwork via Sound is Style. Please don’t sue me Skrillex.

DON’T LAUGH. Skrillex put out his first full lenght, and it has some good songs.


I know a lot of you probably have a very uneasy relationship with the dub step artist. many of my college aged or younger peeps probably have dark beer soaked memories of his first EPs. I personally came to know Skrillex through a bro who would repeatedly introduce me as his “gay friend” before getting blacked out and throw things at us and his girlfriend. Eventually he got mad and crashed his car into a tree and got expelled. Woops.

Still he showed me Skrillex, and even if his fans suck, he brought dubstep to the mainstream audience.

I’m not here to say that the new Skrillex Lp( called Recess) is a must have, or that the album is a new classic. Most of it falls into regrettable bro-step cliches or tries too had to be trendy (Dirty Vibe), but Skrillex’s realization that he had to change it up or become a  punchline resulted in some worthy songs.


Idk if this qualifies as Moombahton or not, but odds are you don’t either. What I do know is that this song has a tribal-styled beat with some slightly eerie vocals and a drop that’s whimsical instead of over-dramatic. Plus I’m a sucker for a dance song with a tempo change. For similair vibes, try Fuck That from this album.

Fire Away

The Skrillex song that should of been on the Gravity soundtrack. Fire Away is a spacey song about loneliness.” “Take me with you when you go, don’t leave me out here on my own”. Chill enough to play in the car ride on the way home late at night, the song gets me all choked up thinking about graduating and my friends all moving away.  There isn’t a drop, just a light percussive beat that sounds like rain. For past Skrillex song’s that hinted at this kind of emotion, click these links.


The most “Dup-step” song I’m gonna show you also has vocals from the lead singer of Passion Pitt and Fat Man Scoop, whom you may know as the man shouting during Music Makes You Loose Control. It’s a post-indie mash up of some schoolyard samples, horn-like synths, and Scoop shouting like a turnt-up bus driver.

For those looking for more traditional frat fare,  the album has plenty of  that for you. I would recommend Ease My Mind (ft. Niki & The Dove) or Ragga Bomb. But don’t let me dictate your identity to you! Stream the album and decide for yourself. For the Spark Notes version, check out this three minuet trailer. It has cute alien emojis!!





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