#TBT to Stacy Q’s “2 of Hearts”: the Ultimate 80s Dance Jam

20140624-142708-52028160.jpgEarlier today i threw it back to the beginning of the summer with Chapman’s Chapstick. Now that the DeLorean is revved up, we;re gonna go way back to the 80s with Stacy Q. The one hit wonder and her song “Two of Hearts” were a total Madonna rip off in look and sound. The cheesy synths, the coo’ed “I need you” hook and the staccato chorus of  “two. of. hearts.” is a glorious representation of the good campy fun the 80s brought us.

I first heard the song when It sound tracked this scene from the movie Party Monster starring a very gay Mucoully Culkin and Seth Green. It’s also soundtrack this scene from Andy Samberg’s movie Hot Rod.

The fact that both scenes feature the characters dancing is telling, as this is the ultimate dance jam. I just got the vinyl (seen above) and I’m sure its going to be living in my record player for a while.

Anyway if you don’t have it on Vinyl Youtube will work just fine.


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