So Glad I’m Back In Atlanta


Grainy iphone pic of me at the Mammal Gallary

I honestly was afraid to come back. Sure, Atlanta is my hometown, but going away to the small yet sometimes cool town of Jackson Mississippi for college can leave a dude feeling out of step with local goings-on. After graduating from Millsaps and returning home, would I be hopelessly out of touch and stuck in my high school habits? Would I regret leaving the parties of my wild college days for adulthood? Thankfully not, because these four venues have blown the roof off any college/Jackson affair. Sorry Millsaps.

The Big House On Ponce

The Big House backyard

The Big House backyard

Where is it? On Ponce in between the giant temple and the Krispe Kreme.

Background notes: It’s a spooky house with a magical garden in the back as well as a small sweaty theater with two rows of seats. The events are always “suggested donation” but I’d be impressed in anyone with a hard enough heart to turn away these hippies.

Shit I got Into:  Watched a punk band instruct the entire audience to brush their teeth.  Witnessed a zodiac hip-hop duo in the style of the Wu-Tang Clan rap in their bathrobes.  Soaked up the vibes of the garden as I was offered a joint and a mango smoothie.

Most likely to: strike up a conversation with a person next to you and then run into them everywhere you go.

How do I get invited?: Check out their facebook

The Yellow House.


The walls of the Yellow House

Where is it?: Across from the Edgewood shopping center.

Background Notes: It’s literally just a random yellow house.  I can’t take full credit for this discovery. Creative Loafing ran an article about this punk art house and it’s imminent departure from the ATL scene due. Thankfully, I managed to find out about their wicked 4th of July party.

Shit I got into: Moshed with literally 60 people packed into a living room. Watched one crowd surfer grab onto the ceiling fan as he passed, hanging beneath it before plummeting to the grown with the fan in his arms. Got into a conversation with one house resident about the skateboards and vases of flowers sticking out from holes in the walls. Took Instagram videos of people breathing fire. Scrambled for safety as people began throwing fireworks into the street.

Most Likely to: Have the police show up

How do I get invited?: Go see the band Warehouse and ask when the next house show is.

The Mammal Gallery


The walls and floor of the Mammal Gallery

Where is it?: Down by Five Points

Background Info: Sure the sidewalk across the street is always accompanied by a couple of homeless people, but inside is a candy-striped wonderland. The pink and white stripes stretching across the walls and floor coupled with the hanging wicker hearts already set up a great vibe before the music even begins.

Shit I got into:  Moshed to The Dandyls at their album release party. Later was awarded with balloon hats. Spazzed out with ASAP mob look-a-likes to LA producer Spazzkid‘s cheerful mix of Supernentendo effects, Animie Soundtracks vibes, and pop throwbacks .

Most Likely to: dance yourself sweaty and tired without knowing anyone else there.

How do I get invited?: Check out their Facebook or check out the calender on their website.

The Goatfarm

The start of a performance art show at the Goat House

The start of a performance art show at the Goat House

Where is it? Again it’s literally a farm, complete with goats, dogs, old buildings, and gravel. Down by the Figo on Howell Mill Rd.

Background info:   I went to natural selection, a monthly variety show curated by the people behind DeerBearWolf that spans performance art, comedy, literature, and music.

Shit I got into: Chatted with a guy who chuckled at my jokes. Found out later he was the stand up comedian. Went to the bathroom in the coffeehouse down the gravel road that’s also on site. Got brainwashed by a psychedelic video display which morphed into an play about aliens which morphed into a rock show. Saw my first performance artist. She rolled across the ground on peaches like a slug in her underwear without any explanation.

Most likely to:  Get texted by friends who saw your Snapchats/Instagram posts/Tweets and ask “where are you?!?”

How do I get invited: Apparently they have Facebook on the farm.

another blurry cell phone pics

another blurry cell phone pic. This time from Zoe Polk.

Lemme know about any fun house shows for me to live tweet and later blog about!! Email me at or tweet me at @sadgayfriendx. Also if you message me if wanna be my friend or take pictures for me!!


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