3 songs about Suicide I wish I could have shown Robin Willaims

So Robin Williams died, and everyone is sad. I wrote about why he mattered so much to me on my tumblr, but the short of it was he played a gay character that I drew a lot of strength from. Since gay dudes like myself often contemplate suicide, the news that he committed it himself struck me as especially poignant. Here’s some songs about suicide/self harm that I wish I could have shown him. Feel free to forward to any of your friends/family members going through a hard time.

Keep On Living-Le Tigre

The final song from their sophomore album feminist sweepstakes, Keep Om Living is about survival being a act of rebellion and resistance. Written with sexual assault survivors and queer people in mind, the punk energy of the song has shaken me out of many a haze, and the third verse (by JD Sampson) is so inspiring it was even featured in the Trevor Project’s book “It Gets Better”. This video is really grainy but THE MESSAGE DOE.

Don’t Try Suicide- Team Dresch

Another queer punk song (who would have thought), this time from Team Dresch. Unlike the Queen song by the same name that makes light of the situation, this song’s frank lyrics  really captures the strength of depression.


Walk Like Thunder- Kimya Dawson ft. Aesop Rock

A song from Kimya Dawson about how hard life is yet how you have to KEEP GOING.  It’s a longer number (ten minuets) but grows to an epic scale not normally reached by Dawson’s songs, whose whimsical acoustic folk you might have heard from the Juno Soundtrack. This songs reverb-filled production is anchored by Kimya’s heartfelt alto and augmented nicely at the end from a verse from Aesop Rock. There’s no video of the recorded version on youtube, but you can stream it via Spotify.




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