Ty Segall’s Interactive Video for “Manipulator”

screen shot of the video, which includes aliens and Ty

Screenshot of the video via Rolling Stone, because I can’t figure out how to take a screenshot on my new computer

Ty Segall (pronounced Seh-GALL, not seagull), has been making psychedelic garage rock for years, becoming the stylistic godfather to the Burger Records music scene.  His song Manipulator, from his new album of the same name, is a softer, more hooky version of the fuzzy sound he’s been doing for years. It’s another step forward for Ty, but what makes this moment really exciting for me is the interactive aspect of his cut-and-paste music video.

Above is the Director’s Playthrough, meaning that Matt Yoka is the one controlling the surrealist collage. If you head over to Ty’s Website, YOU can control the degree and permutations of the video’s graphics. By clicking on the walls of Ty’s bedroom, the desert sand, or anything else that pops up on the screen, you become the “Manipulator” that Ty Sings about.

There’s a boggling amount of changes you can make, and clicking through the video to discover them all can make for a pleasing antidote to a gloomy Monday morning.  I suggest watching on a device with a touchscreen if you have access for a more intuitive experience. Rapid fire clicking is my favorite way to go, but you could also change the settings to the groove of the song. It’s up to you, manipulators!

Here’s the link.

Enjoy your Monday.


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