Ke$ha sues producer Dr.Luke for Sexual Assualt and Battery

Well as sickening as this is, it almost makes sense.

Ke$ha is accusing  Dr Luke, her longtime produced of hits such as “Tik Tok” and “Die Young” of abusing and sexual assaulting her  ever since he singed her at age 18.

The news broke yesterday thanks to the good folks at TMZ who outline the most extreme forms of the abuse.  The wrongs include Dr.Luke forcing himself on Ke$ha after making her take drugs, giving her “sober pills” that were actually date rape drugs and then raping her, and then threatening to ruin her career if she told. The fact that Ke$ha’s vocals went un-credited (with Ke$ha not earning a penny) from Right Round with Flordia is mentioned in the suit, and hints at how much power Dr.Luke had over her.

Fans of Ke$ha have been suspicious of Dr.Luke for some time, since Ke$ha’s last album Warrior was not the rock album she wanted to make due to Dr.Lukes insistance that she make it more radio friendly. Those suspicious were confirmed in the eyes of some fans when Ke$ha tweeted that she was forced to sing Die Young, and the surfacing of this demo:

The suit also connects this abuse to Kesha’s eating disorder. Apparently when Dr. Luke wasn’t calling her “worthless” and telling her that she owed her entire career to him, he was referring to her as a “fat fucking refrigerator”.

He has of course filled a counter suit, claiming that these are all lies she’s spreading to get out of her record content.

I just want to take a moment to give Kesha props for finally taking action against Dr.Luke. It can be really hard for sexual assault survivors to come forward with their stories, and even more so when the abuser is as powerful as Dr.Luke. Props girl. We’re all rooting for you.

This last song goes out to Dr.Luke.


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