10 Acts I’ll Be Watching in 2015

As long as everyone is making proclamations they may or may not keep, here’s mine: 2015 will be the year that I update this here blog once a week. Look for new posts every Saturday, which I will write in-between my shifts as a Bike Delivery messenger and my hours logged at a PR firm. So feel free to comment angrily on past articles or tweet me if a week passes and I haven’t posted anything.

For the first week, I present a roundup of acts to watch in the coming year.  These peeps first came on my radar in 2014, and I’m hoping for big things from them over the next 12 months.

Old Faves that I want to continue to thrive

Charli XCX


I saw Charli at Webster Hall and it was a wild show full of drunk teenage girls in crop tops and gay dudes with glitter eyeliner and mesh shirts.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell how big of a star she is (is the greater public actually listening to “Break the Rules” or is she just getting booked for tv performances off of media hype?) but the crowd there went crazy and she responded in kind.  Once she gets her opening slot for  Katy Perry’s European tour out of the way, it’s safe to say we can expect a summer tour of magic and hairflips. Depending on how much her new uk single “Doing It” takes off now that it has been transformed from a song about sex to a song about best friends thanks to the surprisingly soulful Rita Ora, we will see if I can afford the tickets. If not, I’ll always have Sucker  and her upcoming video to keep me satisfied.

Azealia Banks

In 2014 Banks finally released Broke With Expensive Taste, the album she had been promising for years, and it (mostly) stood up to the hype.

After finally putting that demon behind her, and with her Hot 97 interview setting off a well-deserved title wave of critical thinking regarding Iggy Azealia’s place in hip hop, I can’t wait to see what Miss Banks does next.


So I’m forgiving Diplo for the horror that was his collab with Jenifer Lopez (watch the Booty video if you wan’t a morning dose of lubed-up depression) becuase the stuff he’s been making with Skilliz has been so dope. Last year they collaborated on Dirty Vibe from Skrillix’s album along with Korean rappers G-Dragon and CL, as well as releasing their first song as Jack U. This coming year has both of them releasing solo work, as well as hopefully a mixtape as Jack U. Their re-work of 7/11 by Beyonce has me breathless with anticipation.


Bands I’m Trying to See Live


They had a breakout 2014, landing on many of an end of year list, but while they toured Europe, I was mourning the fact that our paths haven’t crossed. I was still in college in Mississippi when they played a free all ages show in my hometown of Atlanta, but now I’m in Brooklyn and I’m not leaving till they play here and I can personally tell them how much my friend Zoe’s dream of owning a Tacocat XMAS album needs to be made possible.


Proving that you can make 90s-inspired stoner surf punk wherever you live, BOYTOY has been on my list of must sees since I’ve moved to Brooklyn but have remained ellisive. Now that they’ve taken a break from shows to record, I’ll have to wait a little longer.

Las Rosas

These Brooklyn dudes make peppy power pop that never fails to brighten my night, no matter how alone I am at the show.  Bonus points for the fact that they always perform their psych-garage rock with disco balls and not a hint of the blues. Can’t wait to see them again.




Since his poppy Wut EP and stellar Letterman performance, Le1f has kept a low profile while working on his album. He’s been dropping hints as to what the album will be like on his Twitter, and the above qoute makes it like the holy mecca of everything I care about.


I don’t want to go another summer without a rihanna single.  While she once had an album out every Thanksgiving, it’s been years since her last full body of work. If anything, her star has only grown since then, building her stellar Instagram presence, side eyeing everyone at award shows, and causing a stir with her sheer Swarovski crystal gown. She’s also been reportadly in the studeio with “A killer team” and her time is surely coming.

Colleen Green

I already blogged about Colleen’s crunchy ode to ADHD, and im still stoked to hear a whole album of Coleen Green with a full band behind her.


3 thoughts on “10 Acts I’ll Be Watching in 2015

  1. loved the 7/11 remix! 🙂 i’m really hoping shannon and the clams and fidlar will release some new stuff this year. also, it seems like 2015 will be a big one for one of my favorite uk bands, slaves!

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