Rihanna has a new single with Paul McCartney and Kanye West

FourFiveSeconds is written in braille because this song is about FEELING

FourFiveSeconds is written in braille because this song is about FEELING


We all knew Rihanna’s return was imminent, but few people would have guessed the nature of her return: a bluesy soul song without so much of a hint of autotune or drumbeat to be found. The song, called “FourFiveSeconds”, is brilliant on several levels. It that immediately puts to rest any rumors that Rihanna’s singing abilities are sub par, showing the full extend of the soul she hinted at on her single “Stay”. The high-profile and left-of-center collaborators ensure that if we weren’t already thirsty for Rihanna’s new album we would be now. The masterful release, a black and white picture of Rihanna, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West tweeted by Rihanna, conveys a seriousness about the song as well as keeping with the 2015 standard of a surprise release.

Most of all, it’s a song that is personal yet universal. The chorus (“Now I’m FourFiveSeconds from wildin’. And we got three more days ’til Friday. I’m just tryna make it back home by Monday mornin’. I swear I wish somebody would try me. Oh that’s all I want”) could be about fighting the urge to punch a snotty customer at your restaurant job or laying into a paparazzi. Rihannna’s line “all of my kindness is taken for weakness” could speak to how everyone judged her so harshly for briefly returning to Chris Brown, but it’s a line that equally speaks to me as a southerner who just moved to New York City. Kanye’s line “they wanna buy my pride. but that just ain’t up for sale” could be about celebrity culture, capitalist labor, our consumer culture, or the Kardashains. It could be a bout all of those things.Also the BRIDE. Oh the glorious breakdown, with Rihanna’s voice breaking ever so slightly, feel’s like going to church. Praise Yeezus, Rihanna has returned.


YouTube uploads of the song are getting taken down right and left, so I’m just going to post the iTunes link. You’re gonna like what you hear. I guarantee it.

I’m sure Rihanna has more surprises in store for us, so you should follow me on Twitter to get breaking news about her new album, as well as my snack cravings.



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