Valentine’s Day Mixtapes for Every Mood


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and there’s lots of emotions flying around. Wether you have a boo you’re spending the day with, going buckwild with your friends, or moping around alone, there’s music for you. I took the liberty of assembling some of the best playlists from 8tracks, a social network where users upload mixtapes with album art.

User: RookieMag

Their Description: “Ever feel like your love was something out of this world? Like it was written in the stars? Let these 13 tracks guide you through a whole galaxy of fuzzy feelings.”

My Description: Filled with shoegaze and dreamy textures, this is mix is so good I’ll put it on just to soak in the tub with a Sex Bomb bath Bomb by myself. There’s also a subtle space theme in the tunes.

Fave Tracks: “Mesmerize” by Chapterhouse and “Space Age Love” by Flock of Segalls.

User: Moon Brains

Their Description: No description 

My Description : Valentine is a classic straight forward valentines-themed mix from on of my favorite tumblr users Moonbrains. Spanning all generations of hip music tastes, the mix has gems from the Cure, Jefferson Airplane, the Beatles, and The Ramones, all as expertly curated as her kaleidoscopic tumblr page.

Fave tracks: “Scott Pilgrim” by Plumtree and “Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” by CSS.

User: sophalofabread

Their description: here’s to an angry, cutesy, sarcastic, girl power-y valentine’s day.

My description : Are you single and want to sassily proclaim from the rooftops? Just dumped a loser and are not at all sorry? Having a Galentines day party? This mix is for you.

Fave Tracks: “Addicted to Love” by Charli XCX ( a soundcloud only b-side) and “Kiss With a Fist” by Florence and the Machine.

User: Sad Gay Friend

Their description: laying about feelin sad idk im fine whatever who even cares about valentines day anyway

My description: That was my description. This is my playlist. I AM THE SAD GAY FRIEND.

Seriously though, this is a mix for laying around the house when you feel lonely, which is a perfectly good way to spend February 14th.

Fave Songs: “Lonley Hearts Club” by Marina and the Diamonds + “Isolation” by Joy Division.


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