I Can’t Get The New Shamir Song Out Of My Head


When I first posted about Shamir and his indie pop hit “On the Regular” part of me wondered if this might have been the only song Shamir had in him. His Northtown EP’s more subdued sound and entirly sung vocal performance left me cold. Could it be that Shamir’s rapping debut would also be his swan song?

How foolish of me to doubt.  Shamir’s new song “Call it Off” comes to us courtsey of the Youtube Music Awards, but its cute video is totally overshadowed by the propulsive nature of the song. The song’s skittering synth line sounds like something Fischerspooner could have kicked up back in 2004, but the soul Shamir brings with his sky high voice is all his own. “Call it Off” is a joyous breakup anthem, and while Shamir’s chorus is a little jarring the first few listens, once it gets in your head it will stay there.


The video is less exciting than his debut, with Shamir acting out his real-life role as sales associate( He works part-time for Topman) turning into a puppet before transforming the shoppers as well for a Sesame Street dance party. The best moment comes during the cowbell-driven bridge (a reference to “On The Regular”) where Shamir raps in various pastel sweaters an shirts. Watch the whole thing below, and be sure to follow me on this blog (scroll to the top and click on the three horizontal lines) to not miss any news on his upcoming album Rachet, out May 19th on XL records.


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