5 Music Videos for Halloween

It’s Halloween this Saturday. In case you’ve missed all the decorations popping up and the people drunkenly wandering through the night in costume, here are 5 videos to get you into the mood. They’re not all new, but neither are the joys of Halloween (dressing up, looking silly/cool, candy).  From creepy twins to vomiting in fear, these videos have all the Oct 31st vibes you’ll ever need.

Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream- Grimes  

The video that will have the people buzzing this Halloween is defiantly the brand new offering from Grimes. Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vidid Dream is the first song from the NEW GRIMES ALBUM “Art Angels” out November 6th. It’s a two-part show, with the first song riding fast thanks to a constant guitar loop (a Grimes first?) and the second part slowing down with some acoustic picking. Everything is covered with multiple coos from Grimes (also known as Clair Boucher) who gives numerous Halloween looks throughout the video. There’s Grimes as a angel rocking out with a pink guitar and a cowboy hat. There’s Grimes as a mobster boss. There’s Grimes as a Marie Antoinette figure who ends up covered in blood. It’s all magical, and if you listen closely you can hear the sounds of gifs being made and screenshots being posted.

I Hear Voices – Sunflower Bean

Black robes, over references to satanism, dark distorted bass, creepy child-like harmonies, and selfies. They’re all here in Sunflower Bean’s dark video about the echo chamber created by every smartphone-wielding human uploading #content.


Back when Boytoy released Postal, the dark undercurrents of the single flew right by me. Now they’re fully on display thanks to this surreal music video the band released today. The cheeriness of the melody is revealed to be the manic smile of a serial killer with a fondness for body mutilation.

All Smile Over Here 🙂 – The Garden

These twin brothers make dark post-punk they call Vada Vada, and lead single “All Smiles Over Here :)” is very good for walking down dark streets when you feel like you need some of the darkness on your side. With lines like “I focus on my toys, shape shifting everywhere” punctuated by a series of grunts, this video didn’t even need the california twilight and fake prosthetic hands to be Halloween-worthy.

Gahdamn – Kari Faux

The video starts off without a trace of spook: just Danny Glover rapping on a remix of Kari Fuax’s breakout song “No Small Talk”. Things take a turn for the terrifying when “Gahdamn” begins. Kari raps matter-of-fact about how she’s the shit while perched like a demon in a tree, riding around with her expressionless pals in a car like it’s been to hell and back, before finally tracking down a internet troll and making him vomit in terror. Scary stuff.


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